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About me

Hello! I am an Electrical and Systems Engineering PhD student in the GRASP lab at the University of Pennsylvania. I am advised by Prof. Nikolai Matni. Previously, I graduated with BSc degrees in Mathematics and in Statistics & Data Science from Yale University. I then spent a year as a researcher in the Kluger Lab at Yale University's Applied Mathematics Program.

I am interested in:

Email: ttz2 AT seas DOT upenn DOT edu.

Research [Google Scholar]

  1. Biwhitening Reveals the Rank of a Count Matrix, pre-print. [arxiv]
  2. Sparse Optimization on General Atomic Sets: Greedy and Forward-Backward Algorithms, pre-print. [arxiv]
  3. On the Continuous Fermat-Weber Problem for a Convex Polygon using Euclidean Distance. [arxiv]

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